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Posted by on May 25, 2016 in Creation Science | 0 comments

Introducing LSF Campus Creation Science Clubs

hand with earth

The LivingScience Foundation is committed to disseminating the TRUTH about God’s creation.

There are myriads of evidence-based scientific facts, clearly showing the bankruptcy of the Evolution Theory and philosophies and practices derived from it.

For instance, it is a fact that:

  • A global flood once inundated the entire planet earth in the days of Noah. This fact alone makes complete nonsense of the Lyellian principle of explaining the fossil records as having been formed uniformly over millions of years. Catastrophism is the key point here, and it is incontestable as we see this happening even today.
  • Evidences abound that dinosaurs (a.k.a. dragons) which supposedly lived and were extinct millions of years ago, actually co-lived with Man. (Tons of eye-witnesses accounts exist, even before fossils of dinos were discovered. The descriptions and paintings match very well the fossils that were later being discovered). Even today, blood and soft tissues of dinosaurs have been found, showing a few may still be alive.
  • Rates of radioactive decays are KNOWN to be accelerated billions of times, under some physical situations (such as in a catastrophic global flood, like Noah’s). This has tremendous implications in dates obtained via radiometry. As a matter of facts, events of known recent dates (e.g. rocks from volcanoes witnessed to have erupted in the 1940s) were dated by radiometry as having being formed millions of years ago!

The list is literally endless. To learn more of these and several other FACTS, which are directly relevant to your becoming who the omnipotent and benevolent Creator intends you to be; via access to several not-easily available resources (books, DVDs, etc.) and Group Discussions and Seminars, sign up to j20130625_140401oin the Campus Creation Club today

For more information, Contact: Prof Joshua Ojo, Department of Physical Sciences, Redeemer’s University, Ede; Phone: 08057106482

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