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LSF is floating a peer-review Open-access technical online Journal

A result-oriented approach to management of the environment must involve all relevant stakeholders: academics, professionals, industries, and the regulators.  Currently (unlike in the more developed countries), there is no Forum for all these to meet as equal partners to discuss and proffer solutions to Nigeria’s many peculiar environment-health challenges.  The Nigerian Journal of Environment and Health will provide this Forum. Maintaining the core value of Excellence which we hold dear at the LivingScience Foundation, the NJEH will bridge the divide between the key Sectors and help further LSF’s goal of enhancing public health in Nigeria..  Prof Folorunso Ogundare of the Department of Physics, University of Ibadan will serve as the Editor-in-Chief

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Loss of a Patriot – Bashir Kanoma

We are saddened to hear the demise of our professional friend and core supporter, Dr Mohammed Bashir Kanoma from Zamfara State Ministry of Health, Gusau. A mutual friend, Dr Callistus Akinleye passed on the sad news on 15th October, months after the event.

A patriot and professional to the core, we met Dr Kanoma during a research visit to Zamfara in the height of the Lead poisoning incident that resulted in the loss of hundreds of children in 2010.  Bashir was at that time the Chief Medical Director of the State Hospital, Gusau.  After hectic daytime administrative activities including long field trips and research discussions on epidemiology and public health, he would return in the evenings to deliver personal health-care to the long queue of his out-patients, who were always confident he would come back for them.

Despite differences in ethnicity and religious affiliations, Bashir and I [Joshua] developed very strong friendship and affection, founded on mutual respect. We have since collaborated on a number of projects as well as shared ideas for the progress of our people and country.  Although unable to attend the first National Environment and Health Conference in May, Dr Kanoma played very significant roles in the planning and helped mobilize participants, particularly from the North.

Before his sad demise, the Board of the LivingScience Foundation had already approved Dr Kanoma’s nomination to be a member of the International Advisory Council for the Foundation. His death is truly a sad and considerable loss for Nigeria. May the LORD keep his memory sweet and comfort his folks.

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Scientist Fired for Challenging Evolution now Awarded Financial Settlement

 Armitage IILOS ANGELES – An evangelical Christian scientist who was fired after discovering evidence that seemingly contradicted the evolutionary timeframe has been awarded a generous settlement after taking his case to court.

As previously reported, Mark Armitage was a scientist at California State University—Northridge (CSUN) who discovered soft tissues on a large triceratops horn that was believed to be at least 65 million years old. However, the discovery became mired in controversy when Armitage described his findings in a journal article.

“In the paper, I just presented the factual data,” Armitage said. “The only conclusions I drew were that ‘This needs to be investigated further. We have a lot of work to do.’”

Other scientists at the university were not pleased with Armitage’s discovery, evidently thinking that he was trying to promote evidence against evolution. His supervisor reportedly stormed into his lab on one occasion and shouted, “We will not tolerate your religion in this department!”

On Feb. 27, 2013, CSUN fired Armitage.

“Suffice it to say,” Armitage, who is an evangelical Christian, explained, “some people in the department didn’t appreciate [the soft tissue discovery], and somehow they seemed to work a way to have me very quickly removed from my position.  Read More at”

See the coverage of this news item in 2014 by Church Arise! at

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Prof Joshua Ojo receives special Commendation Award at RUN




Prof Joshua Ojo, President of LivingScience Foundation recently completed his sabbatical year at the Redeemer’s University (Sept 1 2015 – August 31 2016). In appreciation of the quality services rendered by Prof Ojo, he was one of the set of distinguished  staff members selected for special recognition and award.  Picture below are Prof and Mrs Ojo  (5th and 6th from the left) at the special award on 6th September, 2016.  See the picture online at RUN’s website here

The Management team with the recipients of the 8th convocation Award And Appreciation Day Ceremony

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LSF Creation Science Club member tops graduating list at RUN

Opeoluwa Samuel Adewale-Fasoro with a CGPA of 4.97 in Microbiology emerged as the overall best graduating student.Opeoluwa Adewale Fasoro, one of the founding members of LSF Creation Science Club at the Redeemer’s University has emerged the overall best graduating student at the 8th Convocation Ceremony of the University.  With a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 4.97, Opeoluwa actually became the overall best graduating student for all times at the University.  Apart from handshakes with eminent personalities including the Vice President of the Country (who is also the Chair of the University’s Board of Trustees), Opeoluwa also secured automatic employment at the institution, and further went home with a cash prize of about N250,000.  Sharing his testimonies earlier at the inaugural meeting of the Creation Science Club, Opeoluwa had indicated he actually came to the University to gain competence in declaring the glories of God in His creation to all, and specifically to debunk the evolution theory.  He initially applied to study Applied Biology and Genetics but the class was later merged with the Microbiology class due to delays in accreditation with the NUC.  He shared that he often got inspiration even about facts and ideas he would later learn about in class!  We wish Opeoluwa God’s speed as he moves ahead to fulfill his destiny, as a polished shaft in the LORD’s quiver in these end-times conflicts.   See details at RUN’s official website here

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