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Posted by on Apr 30, 2020 in Environment and Health, Other E&H blogs | 0 comments


1. Preamble

An online Press Conference jointly organized by the LivingScience Foundation (LSF) Ile-Ife, and the Christian Initiative for Nation Building (CINB) Osogbo, held Tuesday 28th April, 2020. The purpose of the Conference was to discuss the increasingly touted position by responsible authorities, local and global, that the ongoing restrictions and lockdowns in response to the COVID-19 pandemic can only be fully lifted upon the development of  “a vaccine that protects everyone.”   (see for example,  A Press Statement concisely addressing the subject had been released by the Organizers, and posted online on the dedicated What’s App platform set up for the purpose, about 24 hours prior to the Conference. 

Over 60 participants actively participated and posted comments during the Conference. Various regions of the country were represented, and two of the participants were from outside Nigeria. The main discussion lasted 3 ½ hours (10:00 hrs – 13:32 hours), with further informal chats on the subject matter continuing for about another hour.  The interaction was moderated by Mr Yemi Akintunde of the Nigerian Television Authority, Osogbo.   List of participants is presented as an attachment to this Communique.

2. Observations and Deductions

The Conference observed and deduced that:

  1. there are tangible moves by major global authorities to declare the availability of a vaccine a primary condition to close the COVID-19 pandemic. 
  2. the vaccine(s) being touted will be mandatory for the general population, and therefore would require “fake-proof” certification to be provided using the recently unveiled chip-based digital identity ID2020 scheme.  The scheme has been specifically described as a “program to leverage immunization as an opportunity to establish digital identity.” (
  3. this imminent mandatory chip-based mass vaccination would be introduced first at selected soft-target countries of which Nigeria is prime, based on: (1) our attractive population size and economic potentials; (2) our weak and vulnerable governance structures which have been further compromised by ongoing COVID-19 problems; and (3) the crashing oil prices which has further weakened government’s resilience against external pressures. There are precedents validating this deduction. For example in the case of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in food, an agent of the globalists had once submitted: “With the largest population and economy in Africa, Nigeria’s embrace of GMOs could be a game-changer in spreading African acceptance of the technology…. The country has very porous borders, and smuggling is rampant. As a result, GE seeds sanctioned for use in Nigeria are likely to be smuggled into neighboring countries…..This might prompt these nations to reconsider their bans on growing GMO crops and eventually lead to broad acceptance throughout the continent.” (
  4. the emphasis on “number of cases” as primary index to measure and respond to COVID-19 in Nigeria is hyped and inappropriate, since it more or less merely reflects the number of tests carried out. Whereas such an index could be important in countries bothered about possible overwhelming of healthcare facilities by COVID-19 patients, (and where policies are primarily designed to “flatten the curve” of hospitalizations); the vast majority of COVID-19 positive cases in Nigeria are asymptomatic, and are testing negative within 14 days of isolation mainly with the use of placebo. Nigeria therefore ought to devise her own customized home-grown solutions rather than continue to merely “cut-and-paste” so-called solutions from the Western world, thereby distracting from even more pressing health and social issues ravaging the country.
  5. The push towards the introduction of mandatory mass vaccination (with verifiable digital identification) is heavily funded by globalists and our unwary countrymen, if left uninformed, are vulnerable to the barrage of disinformation from both formal and informal media directed at them.

3. Decisions and Declarations

After exhaustive discussions, the Conference concluded that:

  1. the call for mandatory chip-based mass vaccination is not justifiable and is NOT acceptable in Nigeria.  The following reasons were cited:

1. Vaccines are known to have such serious safety issues that in the developed countries, vaccine producers insist they cannot accept liabilities for any health problems that might result from their use. In the United States for instance, indemnification is provided from the public-funded Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) which has had to pay humongous amounts of compensation to adversely-affected citizens.  Such a system is non-existent in Nigeria.

2. That efficacy of vaccines applied blindly in the “mass” mode to the generality of the population is known to be as low as 10%.  It is more appropriate that vaccines be used by sub-population groups who are evidently at risk, and administered in regimens customized for the individual.

3. That very good progress is being made on a number of affordable and effective drugs for COVID-19, making vaccines just another option in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic and should therefore not be mandatory.

4.  That it is unconscionable and unethical to insist that promising drugs – even if just with “anecdotal” provenance, cannot be administered until formal studies of their efficacy has been concluded; and in the same breathe insist that vaccines, which have proven issues with safety and efficacy must be mandatorily embraced by all.

5.  That if the global health authorities are so sure of the efficacy of the vaccine, then the vaccinated should not need to worry about being infected by the unvaccinated, who on the other hand should be the ones to worry about their own safety.  Hence the absurdity of forced vaccination.   

  1. Even for individual or sub-group use, administering the COVID-19 vaccine (or any other one for that matter) via chip implants is totally unacceptable, given the established grave dangers associated with such a practice.  Apart from possible health issues, there are serious civil liberty and human rights issues, and implantees could literally be turned into zombies subject to every whim and caprices of the custodians of the AI-related technology.

4. Action Points

The following Action points were agreed on:

  1. There is urgent need for vigorous action to sensitize and mobilize the Nigerian masses and media on this unwholesome plot. This will help government to resist the tremendous external pressure the globalists behind this agenda are known to routinely exert to hand-twist governments where the masses are not enlightened. Both government and media invariably reflect and respond to the larger society.
  1. It will indeed be helpful and responsible that principal government officials especially the heads of NCDC, PTF, Ministry of health, and perhaps the country’s WHO representative who are at the topmost hierarchy in the management of COVID-19 in Nigeria be made to urgently and categorically provide information on coordination of local efforts to develop potent treatment for COVID-19, public enlightenment for preventive actions, strengthening and general comprehensive overhaul of our heath institutions, as well as government’s stand regarding mandatory vaccinations.
  1. The Minister of Health should be requested to review the ongoing use of thimerosal-containing vaccines in Nigeria despite its proscription in the developed countries for over two decades.  The Conference is of the view that this product is possibly causing much more harm to the health of Nigerians than COVID-19.
  2. The Conference applauded the Conference Organizers and resolved that a No Mandatory Vaccination movement (NoMandatoryVaxNaija) be set up with immediate effect.  The movement will robustly evaluate and utilize as appropriate, all available options to sensitize and mobilize the Press, Nigerian legislators, and the general public on the crucial issue at stake. The movement will also simultaneously explore means to relate with executive arms of government at various levels and provide information that would help in making sound profitable decisions on issues bordering on mandatory vaccination.  The movement may decide to fold up once the notion of mandatory (thus chip-delivered) vaccination has been conclusively quashed in Nigeria.

Members are encouraged to widely disseminate this Communique on their various social media platforms, while the Conference Organizers will mobilize the mainstream media to do the same.

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