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A Position Paper by
the Nigerian COVID Response Alliance (

January 2022


  1. There is no justification for the ongoing mandating of COVID-19 vaccines in Nigeria. Not only are the supposed benefits vague, the costs in various dimensions are steep and unacceptable. Patriotic Nigerians must rise to help extricate our Government from the manipulative clutches of foreign and private interests who are the barely-hidden forces behind these mandates. We document here some grounds why the mandates should be resisted and rejected.
  2. The Vaccines being mandated in Nigeria are all EXPERIMENTAL and have NOT been approved for regular use by any scientific/medical authority. All they have is Emergency Use Authorization. Furthermore in a demonstration of an incredible level of audacious opacity, details of the actual contents of the vaccines, together with the Contracts with the pharmaceutical companies for their acquisition, are shrouded in utter secrecy. Not only ethics, but local and international laws DEMAND that such products be not mandated.
  3. Furthermore, even for approved medical products, it is expected that would-be recipients would be adequately informed by the prescribing physicians, of both benefits and risks associated with the product. The contraindications should be made clear, and alternatives should be presented and made available. Mandatory vaccination, and that of an unapproved product in particular, shamelessly violates these sacrosanct norms of modern science. Indeed, the Fact Sheets for the COVID vaccines specifically require that would-be recipients be informed of some vaccine contents, such as polyethylene glycol (PEG), which could be fatal to people allergic to it. The simple fact is that most Nigerians are not even aware of their allergy status with respect to such chemicals! The presumed “consent” of Nigerians who receive these vaccines is therefore certainly far from being “informed”.
  4. The Vaccines are demonstrably NOT efficacious. Hence the need for unending “booster” doses, while the “fully vaccinated” must continue to observe same protocols as they were before the jab. New virus variants are known to evolve in response to mass vaccination, and are not by any means attributable to the unvaccinated population as is being suggested in certain quarters. There is no country/territory anywhere that has overcome COVID-19 via vaccines. On the other hand, a country like Gibraltar with 100% vaccination rate continues to witness the highest severity level of COVID 19, while countries/territories that changed course from sole-dependence on mass vaccination to embrace other alternatives (like Croatia, Denmark, Norway, Japan, the Provinces of Uttar Pradesh and Delhi in India, and a number of states in the US) are all witnessing dramatic improvement in their COVID situations – often within weeks of such decisions! The UK, Czech Republic, Netherlands, and Ireland are the latest countries to join the wagon of those dropping the clearly unprofitable vaccine mandate.
  5. The Vaccines have been conclusively proven to be NOT safe. Not only are the scientific basis for numerous adverse effects now well established and published in reputable scientific and medical journals, the existence of such adverse effects are already being adequately DEMONSTRATED from public health data available globally. Such effects include acute ones such as myocarditis, blood clotting, and death, as well as longer-term ones including adverse reproductive outcomes and Cancers.
  6. The financial costs of the COVID vaccines are unjustified, especially in the face of other more compelling public health challenges Nigeria uniquely faces. Credit facilities offered us to facilitate our response to COVID (largely procurement, storage, and deployment of COVID vaccines) are now well in excess of 3 billion dollars, far exceeding our total annual health budget.
  7. The value of Natural Immunity is significant and CANNOT be discountenanced as is being attempted by the vaccine pushers. It is now well-established that naturally-acquired immunity against COVID-19 is far superior to vaccine-acquired immunity – in terms of efficacy, robustness and duration. As has been established in the case of measles and smallpox for example, people who have recovered from COVID-19 and have consequently acquired natural immunity should not be required to receive a COVID jab again.
  8. Other proven solutions exist for COVID-19, despite amazing desperate efforts to demonize and proscribe these alternatives. Articles published in the world’s topmost medical journals to push such conspiracy have been later shown to be pure forgery and unceremoniously retracted. Nevertheless policy decisions taken on the strength of these fake scientific data continue to be unabashedly used to push mandatory vaccination and associated measures.
  9. Even those who have received the vaccine should join the fight to reject a Mandate. The issues involved go way beyond public health. Wars have been fought and millions of lives sacrificed to defend ideals such as democracy, rule of law, and Faith. It is hard to explain the dogged determination to push this vaccine globally on all human beings, without thinking of some deep hidden agenda. Data available in OFFICIAL public records show that precisely-defined relevant patents had been filed years before the COVID pandemic ever broke out, or the virus involved identified! Resisting a patently unwarranted mass deployment of the vaccines will not only help limit the public health concerns involved, it would prevent various extensive abuses possible in any future attempt to weaponize the vaccine.

Lagos, 27th January, 2022


Rev Tony Akinyemi (Chairperson)
Prof Joshua Ojo (1st Vice Chairperson)
Rev Linda Tokuta (2nd Vice Chairperson)
Mr Osazee Ihonarae (General Secretary)
Dr Adeniyi Oginni (Treasurer)
Dr Patrick Ijewere (Public Relations Officer)
Mr Saliu Momoh Momodu (Assist. Public Relations Officer)

To contact us:
Phone/WhatsApp: 0805 148 3011, 0803 384 1224; 0805 710 6482

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    • 1. There are very serious Issues with Efficacy of the “Vaccines”
    • 2. The Vaccines have serious Safety issues that can’t be simply wished away!
    • 3. Deep Concerns on the Declared, Undeclared, and Non-Uniform Contents of the Vaccines
    • 4. The value of Natural Immunity is significant and CANNOT be simply discountenanced
    • 5. Proven Safe and Effective Alternative Solutions abound!
    • 1. Contrary Scientific Opinions Being Suppressed, Ruthlessly
    • 2. Medical Systems being Corrupted by Incentives Encouraging False, Exaggerated Data for COVID
    • 3. Open Arm-Twisting of Government by Foreign Bodies
    • 4. Economic Costs of Vaccines Not Justified, Not Sustainable!
    • 5. Beyond Public Health: Both Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Nigerians Should Join Hands to Prosecute This Epic Struggle.
  • References


The Nigerian COVID Response Alliance is a wholly-indigenous movement formed to monitor the official response to the COVID-19 pandemic in Nigeria; and ensure that the response remains within the ambit of fundamental human rights. We have previously clarified that our grouse is not with vaccines themselves, but their being blindly mandated for everybody without due comprehensive and holistic risk-benefit considerations for both individuals and society as a whole. In June 2020, we saw in the proposed amendment to the Control of Infectious Diseases Act, a dastardly attempt to foist mandatory vaccination on Nigerians with grim implications both for basic freedom and public health. We also foresaw a more grievous scenario following, as nanobots, already developed but currently held in abeyance, are unceremoniously deployed once mandatory vaccination has been established and accepted. All these portend a truly fearful future for both us and our children! We consequently submitted a Memorandum to the House of Representatives to plug the potential pitfalls in the Bill. We also followed up with Press Releases and advertorial in the national Press to alert the nation.

Although many considered our warnings as somewhat far-fetched, the scenarios we described are now fast turning into incredible reality right before us! Circumventing the National Assembly, the Executives at State and Federal levels are now mandating the exact policies which the Legislature had stepped down for further considerations in response to vociferous public outcries. To do this, the executive arm of government conveniently resorted to using emergency “interventionist outfits”, such as the Presidential Steering Committee (PSC) on COVID-19, to dish out decrees not in any way backed by the Nigerian Constitution. The unjustifiable outrageous mandating of COVID vaccination which began surreptitiously at the National Sports Festival (Edo 2021) has now reached all employees of the Federal Government, overflowed to members of the National Youth Service Corp scheme, and is currently indirectly threatening teenagers with announcements by JAMB that the mandates will be enforced at her facilities as fully as possible. The heat is also being put on employees at the Local Government levels; and at press time, indications have emerged of government attempting to conflate COVID and childhood vaccines which could potentially see day-olds (presumably, “accidentally”) receiving COVID vaccines!

While States such as Edo, Ondo, and Osun are warmly embracing the unconstitutional mandates, thankfully others (including Abia, Bauchi, Cross River, Enugu, Ogun, and Taraba), have reportedly clearly distanced themselves from such abject illegalities. However, as at the time of compiling this Paper, the House of Representatives, on its last plenary day in 2021 reportedly passed the amendment to the Control of Infectious Diseases Act; but surprisingly, the contents of the new Bill which has been forwarded to the Senate for concurrence, is unavailable for the general public to view!

With this Position Paper, we wish to document for the attention of the Nigerian public, basic facts concerning these unprecedented momentous events unfolding around us; and urge that we all, as a matter of duty (at least to our children), pay closer attention to them than we might have done hitherto. We insist, and show in this Paper, that mandatory COVID vaccination has absolutely no merit neither on the basis of Ethics and Law, nor that of sound Science and Logic. Furthermore other social-economic realities demand that all Nigerians, irrespective of their vaccination status, should urgently rise to resist this looming evil.


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NCDC’S Diphtheria Advisory: It’s Stirring, again!

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (NCDC) is circulating an alert on the outbreak of diphtheria in certain parts of the country. Specifically, the NCDC mentioned Kano and Lagos states as having confirmed cases; while the situation is being monitored in Osun and Yobe states.   Just as in the days of COVID-19, the case counts have begun!

In the alert, the NCDC describes diphtheria as “a serious bacterial infection caused by the bacterium called Corynebacterium species that affects the nose, throat and sometimes, skin of an individual.” 

Then the big deal, who is at risk?  Surprisingly, (and instructively), first to be listed is:

“Children and adults who have not received any or a single dose of the pentavalent vaccine (a diphtheria toxoid-containing vaccine).”

This is really amazing: the people most at risk are not those exposed one way or the other to the bacteria, nor those with some special vulnerability, but those who have not received one particular vaccine!

It’s difficult not seeing here another desperate effort to promote mass vaccination.  Indeed the main result (directed at Nigeria) of a Google search with the keyword  “Diphtheria” is: “A serious infection of the nose and throat that’s easily preventable by a vaccine”

Naturally then, the primary counsel of the NCDC is that everybody troop out to get their 5-in-1 pentavalent vaccine, a formulation, which for economic reasons, has the diphtheria vaccine combined with those for four others: tetanus, pertussis (whooping cough), hepatitis B and Haemophilus influenzae type b.

The LivingScience Foundation, as part of the Coalition Against Mandatory Vaccination, has previously explained our position  on vaccines and mass vaccination.  While vaccines are to be treated as God’s gift to mankind, the philosophy behind mass vaccination (their deployment en masse) is terribly flawed!  Mass vaccination imagines a one-size-fits-all scenario (same dosage of the same product, to all, supposedly without any appreciable contra-indications for certain individuals). No other medical product is such treated!

However, our main beef here is with the very idea of presenting vaccination as the first and primary response to diphtheria, while the other options are only half-heartedly mentioned.  We think it makes more sense to prioritize “primary prevention”, whereby people are prevented from being exposed to the vectors in the first place; rather than deploy so much resources and efforts at protecting them from the consequences of such exposure later on.  This is especially true when it actually requires far less resources to go in the direction of primary prevention, and  where “safety and efficacy” of the solution present no concerns at all.  Not to mention substantial concomitant benefits in other spheres of life.

Even in the case of occupationally-exposed health practitioners (ranked 4th on the NCDC’s at-risk list), good PPEs and working practice should still come up for consideration before indiscriminate mass vaccination of such health workers.

The matter is considerably worsen when issues of “safety and efficacy” are brought in.  As can be easily seen in the WHO Report on the use of the Pentavalent vaccine in Asia, there are considerable safety issues with the Pentavalent vaccine.  Indeed it required “actively managed public communication about the observed events and their public health implications” before its use was restored in the many countries that had suspended it after several intolerable adverse effects sprung up.  One of the tropes that eventually arose from such astutely “managed public communication” included the position that we should accept and even expect “a close temporal relationship between SIDS (Sudden Infants Death) and receipt of pentavalent vaccine.  And that this has nothing to do with the vaccine but is occurring “by simple chance”. 

On efficacy, the GAVI plainly explains on its website that “although vaccination prevents symptomatic infections, it does not prevent people from carrying and spreading diphtheria,” therefore making mass vaccination and booster doses quite “essential”.

Annoyingly worsening the situation still, is the fact that it is only a few weeks ago that the LivingScience Foundation highlighted the dangers of the continued importation and use of mercury-laden vaccines in Nigeria.  In our Public Statement we responded to NAFDAC’s incredible attempt to deny the outrageous situation where several vaccines on the official childhood vaccines list in Nigeria come loaded with ethyl mercury at concentrations higher than what the WHO recommended for waste waters that could be used in agricultural practices (for irrigation).  NAFDAC itself would strictly not permit ANY amount of ANY FORM of mercury in any product – including soaps and cosmetics.  Any product, but childhood vaccines, that is!

The NCDC is apparently not bothered about such trivialities as the well-known neurotoxicity of mercury, which is present in the multi-dose format of vaccines shipped to Nigeria, under “generous subsidies” from western nations, where those very products are largely proscribed for use!

Yes, we must stop diphtheria (or whatever new public health concern arises next) by all reasonable means available to us. But rather than the panic pushing of a solution that could be far worse than the original problem, it seems reasonable to us that the NCDC could start to push government to actually facilitate good sanitation by making budgetary allocations to provision infrastructures and facilities needed: Clean water, efficient waste disposal, good sewarage system, public toilets, and the likes. 

Presenting mass vaccination as our primary response to a disease which cannot only be avoided in the first place, but for which effective treatment exists, is another clear example of sheepishly placing globalists’ interests ahead of our own.  

Two years ago, the GAVI had predicted that diphtheria may be the next major global pandemic and that mass vaccination would be necessary.  LivingScience is aware of the consensus among global authorities that one of the greatest crimes at the present time is promotion of “vaccine hesitancy”.  Nevertheless, even at the risk of being so-judged, we consider it our patriotic duty to our nation, and basic responsibility to our children and grandchildren to insist that solutions dished out by our public health authorities are sound and deployed on reasonable risk-to-benefits basis.

Ile-Ife, 25-01-23

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