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Djokovic historic win at Australian Masters: Matters Arising

Navok Djokovic, World Champion

The sporting world watched with bated breath, as Novak Djokovic pummeled Stefanos Tsitsipas to win the 2023 Australian Masters Tennis Court on Sunday 29th January. It was his 10th time of winning the title. The performance is especially historic as Djokovic now has 22 single Grand Slams to his credit, equaling Rafael Nadal as the only individuals with such record in tennis history. 

Djokovic could have been here a year ago.  After arriving Australia for the tournament last year, unvaccinated for COVID-19 and hoping for a medical exemption which was available for individuals, he found his application shabbily turned down, and he was rough-handedly deported out of the country.  Thrown out of the competition without having stepped on the courts.  Djokovic’s gentle composure only won more audience and sympathy for his points of views.  Repeatedly, he calmly explained that throughout his tennis career to date, he had learnt to be extra careful with what products came into his body system: whether they be foods, drinks, drugs, or vaccine.

And that he couldn’t have reasonably chosen to receive a product with such credentials and disclaimers as are associated with the experimental COVID jabs: No guarantee against infection or transmission of the virus, yet posing considerable health risks, known and unknown, against which the drug company is fully indemnified. He calmly reiterates he would forgo any honours whatsoever, including  the opportunity of becoming the greatest sportsman in history, than be forced to take into his body a product he doesn’t want!

LivingScience heartily rejoices with this charming young man of principle and value from Serbia!

Not surprisingly, not everyone is excited with Djokovic rising fortunes.  Certainly, not billionaire Bill Gates who happened to have been in the audience at the Australian Masters. Until his recent recants Mr Gates had been the chief promoter of the dogma that vaccination for the entire global population would be the non-negotiable sole solution to the COVID quagmire.  The Biden administration in the US has also insisted that Djokovic will not be allowed into the US to participate in forthcoming tournaments that would have further boosted his records and status. As at the moment, travel  exemption (non-citizens) from COVID vaccines in the US are reserved only for the thousands of economic-migrants who illegally walk across the borders from neighbouring Central Americas. Not for legitimate arrivals at the official ports!

This situation is probably Nigeria’s copycat inspiration!  Just a few weeks after the announcement that international arrivals no longer needed a COVID vaccine certificate, our COVID Czars decided to reverse the decision; and as at today, visitors who would not accept the jab are required to stay away from Nigeria!

Beyond his triumph at Australia, Djokovic is being vindicated on many other fronts.  Most serious of these is the unending reports from various quarters, of vaccinated athletes dropping down with severe injury (including sometimes, deaths) following complications introduced into their body systems by the mRNA vaccine.   Djokovic on the other hand is clearly in the form of his life.  He was such in high spirit that he won the Australian even while nursing a 3cm torn hamstring.

Several video compilations are in circulation of people from all walks of life (athletes, doctors, pilots, military personnel, entertainers, etc) across different continents, succumbing to adverse health arising from the gene-therapy injection dubiously sold as “vaccine” (see here for instance). One report in the mainstream print media can be found at  Meanwhile the social media in Nigeria is trending with video clips of people collapsing all around, piously laced with comments suggesting that it is all about “stress”.  Bah!

Like we pointed out in previous posts on our social  media platform, Nigerians can be grateful to God who can use even negative circumstances to accomplish His eternal counsel.  It is evident to us at LivingScience that the relatively low adverse reactions to the COVID injections in Nigeria (even though nobody is keeping any record anyway,) might be linked to our infamous corrupt system which has allowed many people to carry validly-issued official vaccination cards, without having received any jab!

On a closing note, we wish to strongly recommend the counsel of this registered Nurse, that people who are jabbed consider, (after due consultations with their personal medical doctors), regular use of aspirin, as a blood thinner which might be able to prevent the blood clots associated with the vaccine, and the many lethal consequences.

See you next week, God willing.


Joshua Ojo

Ile-Ife 3/2/23.

LivingScience Foundation:  Account 2031515078 (First Bank, Ile-Ife)

That Thy way may be known upon earth, Thy saving health among all nations.   (Psa. 67:2)

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