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Pondering the Universe

THE UNIVERSE (Screen Grab from Neil Turok’s Public Lecture, October 2015)

It was nice hearing from the mainstream scientific orthodoxy that yes, the earth may indeed not be at the centre of the solar system, but it is right at the very centre of the entire universe!  Prof Neil Turok Director of the Perimeter Institute (and former faculty at Princeton and Cambridge) vividly and charmingly made this point in his public lecture given at the Institute in October 2015. [Thanks to Barrister Kayode Fayokun of the OAU who sent us the video earlier in the week. (see Minute 2:03 to 6:53)].

As I pointed out in the Star of Bethlehem presentation on Boxing Day last year, it is plain evident that the entire Universe  (“the heavenlies”, to borrow the term from Pastor E.A. Adeboye) is functionally a giant screen/chalk-board optimally set up for observation from planet earth; whilst the various objects therein are being used by God to tell stories written from the beginning of time, but now unfolding in time according to the laws of Physics.

That would explain, for instance, why the sun and moon have precisely the same size when viewed on earth (making possible such phenomena as the total eclipses of the sun and the moon).  For them to play the roles intended for them by the omniscient Creator (Genesis 1:`14 – 18), these two lights have to be placed precisely at their vastly different distances from the earth. Same for the innumerous stars and other galaxies, who need to be at unimaginably vast distances and of humongous dimensions to fit in beautifully with God’s magnificent designs, viz:  providing awesome signs, guidance, and reminders to discerning observers on earth, and all these without constituting unnecessary heat and light pollution to the planet.

Prof Turok further added that though it could conceivably be the case that every other location in the universe share the same feature of being at the “centre” of everything, in terms of physical dimensions, we earthlings are most certainly uniquely at the centre of everything, as we are literally in the geometric mean in terms of sizes.  With the farthest observable point in the Universe located some 1025m away (constituting the largest size imaginable); and correspondingly, the smallest size conceivable (the Planck Length), being 10-35m, the size of a living cell of 10µm is literally at the geometric mean.  In other words, humans are uniquely fashioned to simultaneously appreciate both the smallest things in existence as well as the largest.  Turok further posited that things are “simple” at both extremes, except at this geometric mean scale, where humans are located.  There things suddenly become interesting.

The issue of “life” takes the discussion to another dimension entirely!   There is absolutely nothing in the entire Universe that comes close to the human cell in beauty and complexity.  The DNA itself, the molecule of life, is the most complex molecule known in the universe. And with each of our estimated 50 trillion cells containing 2m-long DNAs (incredibly packaged into 6 µm space), each of us has enough DNA material to go round  the entire solar system, twice!   That’s sobering FACT!

It is absolutely tragi-comical allowing ourselves to be intimidated and demeaned by the enormous sizes of some cluster of gases set out at astronomical distance by the Creator to provide lively scenery for us on earth, and serve as navigational and instructional materials.

The discussion can be pushed to yet another level if we bring in the psychic and spiritual dimensions.

 While those who understand and appreciate these realities joyfully cooperate with the Creator to enjoy and sustain the system, others, brainwashed by the evolution-theory establishment, find nature intimidating and see themselves as meaningless accidents on some inconsequential pale blue dot in the Universe.  Little wonder we have people now choosing to “identify” (and literally live) as dogs.

We feel extremely priviledged at the LivingScience Foundation to be called and chosen by the almighty God to sensitize our generation to these basic realities; and using the paradigms therefrom to engage the environment-health sector in our country Nigeria, in particular.  We are immensely grateful to all our Partners out there for your invaluable encouragements and supports.

Shalom. Happy new month.



LivingScience Foundation:  Account 2031515078 (First Bank, Ile-Ife)

That Thy way may be known upon earth, Thy saving health among all nations.   (Psa. 67:2)

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